My name is Kathy,
and this is my SBH Story.

In the spring of 2011, my husband Gord heard four words no one ever wants to hear: “You have terminal cancer.”

It was news we couldn’t even fathom. We were devastated.

But Gord was a fighter. He never let his disease get him down – he spent every minute he could with friends and family. We made the most of the time we had left together.

After five years battling cancer, Gord was rushed to hospital… the day we were dreading had arrived.

We were told he had only a few hours to live.

To everyone’s disbelief, and to my heart’s content, we had Gord for six more weeks in the most compassionate place we could have imagined: St. Boniface Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit.

Being at St. Boniface Hospital was like staying with family.

The nursing staff knew when to laugh with me, when to lend a shoulder to cry on, and when to simply keep me company. When Gord was feeling down, a therapy dog would come to visit him – that always brought a smile to his face. I’ll cherish those memories forever.

We lost Gord on February 27th, 2016.

Although his disease took him from us, we were also given so much. We were both so grateful to St. Boniface Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit for the care he received in the end. Our children and grandchildren got to say goodbye, and his final moments were filled with love. I know he would have wanted to say thank you.

My name is Kathy, and this is my St. Boniface Hospital story. To learn more, visit MySBHca.