My name is Jenna,
and this is my SBH Story.

The obstetrician told me, “We’re not going to get this pregnancy to full term.”
My diagnosis was HELLP Syndrome, a life-threatening pregnancy disorder. The only way to resolve it is to deliver the baby and placenta. In my case, only twenty-six weeks into my pregnancy.

After a whirlwind 24 hours, our baby was delivered by emergency C-section on July twenty-second. They warned us that because she was premature, she might not be breathing. But I knew we were in good hands.

It was a girl! And she was crying! Hearing her cries, I knew she had a fighting chance.

She weighed just one pound, ten ounces at birth. We named her Averie.

I stayed at risk of stroke, seizure, liver failure and other serious complications for up to forty-eight hours after the delivery.

I was hospitalized for six days, three of them in the Hospital’s Maternity Intensive Care Unit until I was stable. It would be four days until I was healthy enough to hold my daughter for the first time.

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